Mary E. Nichols has been a well known and respected photographer
in the design and architecture world for over 30 years. Her photos have
appeared on the covers of nearly every shelter magazine published,
including 60 of them on Architectural Digest alone, as well as many
books relevant to the field. These clients along with her hospitality
and commercial clients have made use of her talents all over the
world. Mary has also been the focus of many professional
articles on the craft of architectural photography.

Embracing the digital process of photography when it advanced to
a level that Mary felt she could work with, she now applies her
knowledge of using lighting - developed when unforgiving transparencies
were the norm - with the enhancement, speed and technical assistance
digital brings to the final photograph. Her goal is always to reduce
post production costs for the client by creating the best possible
image to work with during the shoot.

“I have had a camera in my hand since the age of 8 and never lose the
thrill of seeing an image created. My clients deserve to be happy
and feel their needs have been met and surpassed. All of us should
leave a shoot excited about what we have accomplished together.”

Ever committed to architecture, Mary has restored at least ten antique
houses in her neighborhood in Los Angeles, several of which are now
on the National Historic Register. She also founded